General FAQS

What is Home Food?

Home Food is a listing service for home-based food cooks, restaurants, and food resellers. (“Providers”) Each Provider operates their own businesses separately and are not related nor affiliated with in any manner.

Think of us as your food specialist "yellow pages" or “food directory” enabling you to contact the Provider of your choice.

How does Home Food work?

Food sellers will post their food offers on our platform and buyers will be able to find the food offers. If a buyer is interested or wishes to enquire more about the food, the buyer can Direct Whatsapp the seller for further details or arrangement. Payment will be done between both seller and buyer where Home Food has no involvement. Popular payment methods include using Online bank-in, Cash on Delivery, 3rd party eWallet even pay by cash between the both parties.

How different is Home Food compared to other food ordering or delivery services?

1. Home Food promotes total flexibility in food ordering via using Whatsapp where other platforms use a very rigid ordering system.

2. We do not charge commission so food offers in our platform generally are more affordable. Other existing food platforms usually have in-built 20-30% commissions into their pricing.

If Home Food has no delivery services, how am I going to get my meal from the seller?

If you are the buyer, do not worry about the delivery part. We would always recommend the seller to make arrangements for the delivery through 3rd party delivery applications like Grab Delivery, Lalamove, MrSpeedy, Food Teksi etc.

Another way is to just order from your nearby neighbours! In such cases, you do self pick-up.

Why is the Home Food concept so good to both buyers and sellers?

1. Food will become much more affordable because there is no food commission to their food ordering system. Sellers earn more, buyers pay less.

2. More food choices.

3. Very flexible in food customization through direct whatsapp with seller

4. You have better control in the delivery.

5. Or solve all delivery issues by just ordering food from your neighbours.

Are all sellers legal?

There are applicable laws in different areas where sellers must comply. We are only acting as an introducer platform between seller and buyer. Although in our Terms of Use we have already requested that the seller must comply with area laws, we do not perform checks on them and it is not possible for us to do so. It is up to the buyer to request all required certificates issued by relevant authorities from the seller if needed. If the buyer finds the seller suspicious, please do not perform any ordering from the seller. Buyer should assume all related risks if ordering from the seller and Home Food is not responsible if there is any dispute.

What happens if I get food poisoned?

In the event you got food poisoned resulting from eating the seller food, you have to approach the seller for remedies. We hold no responsibility between deals done between both buyer and seller. We were not involved in the ordering and payment process.

I have made payment and the food seller did not deliver. What can i do?

We were not involved in the ordering and payment process. When you do the transaction, both buyer and seller should assume all risk. Home Food will not be involved in any dispute. However, you can leave a poor rating for that particular seller so other buyers are alerted. Other preventive measures include not ordering expensive food (or order only food below say RM10) from sellers you are not familiar with to lower risk.

How can I make a payment to the seller?

Home Food does not have any payment system. Buyer has to WhatsApp the seller and decide the mode of payment between the two. It may be via ewallet, cash on delivery, online bank in, etc.

If the buyer is ordering for the first time from a seller, the buyer should order a low priced food to test out the ordering and build trust. This will lower risk of fraud.


Who should become a Home Food seller?

Anyone who wants to earn some income by selling their yummy food. However, please comply with related area laws if there is any.

How does Home Food handle orders?

We don’t. Customer will Whatsapp the seller directly and conclude dealing between both parties.

Can I be a Home Food seller if i do not know how to cook?

Yes, you can! Be a food reseller. However, please comply with related area laws if there is any.

Do I need any license to sell food?

Each location may have different laws. It is best to enquire with your local authority about what kind of licenses are needed and to comply with it. We are only a platform for food sellers gathered together to be exposed online. It is the seller's responsibility to be “legal” and we do not hold any responsibility in checking the full compliance of local related laws on food sellers in our platform.

Why should food delivery riders use Home Food?

  • Direct Whatsapp customer
  • Negotiate your fee
  • Build customer base
  • Low risk, low capital business

Examples Food Reseller can buy and deliver?

Watch the video below

Can Home Food be my lifelong career?

Yes. You can build your customer base and expand on your business.

How do you charge?

We are currently running a promotion. Free 1 year subscription for 1st time sellers.

Normally it is free to list only 1 listing in the Home Food platform. Subsequent food listing will charge the seller a nominal listing fee of USD1 for every 7 days. Or USD30 for 1 year subscription. We do not charge commission. This helps keep the food affordable to buyers.

Anything a seller should be aware of?

Yes, please write your food header with keywords. Write a good description about the type of food you are offering. Provide good related photos. Also please mention what type of delivery method you are offering.

What kind of food should I offer?

You should offer popular Malaysian food like Mee Goreng, Maggi Goreng, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice / Nasi Ayam, Char Kway Teow, Chicken Curry, Jagung, Rendang, Udang, Soup, Bakuteh, Mee Hoon, Nasi Campur, Bubur, Fish head curry, Italian food, Penang laksa, Terung, Instant noodle, Nasi lemak, Bread, Satay, Pizza, Teh tarik, Petai, Musang King Durian, Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Keropok, Mentega, Brokoli, Kentang, Fried kuey teow, Ayam goreng, Otak otak, Pisang Goreng, Burger, Sushi, Dessert, Toast Bread, Soto ayam, Roti bakar, Popiah, Mee rebus, Nasi tomato, Nasi kandar, Nasi kerabu, Lontong, Nasi briyani, Ayam percik, Nasi padang, Chee cheong fun, Mee siam, Tom Yam, Kari ayam, Nasi kuning.

Providing the above highly demanded food with good photos will ensure greater chance of enquiries which can be converted to be your valued customer.